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 Innovaphone AG is an independent supplier of IP telephony solutions. Many years of development has enabled innovaphone to have a wide range of technically sound products that have been proven time and again in practical applications. The products range from simple telephones over large gateways to variously applicable software solutions. They can be joined together to make customised solutions.
This is especially valid for IT environments which have grown over years to become very different heterogeneous environments. You will find here valuable information as well as some selected and representative scenarios in order to give to you an idea of the variety of potential solutions.


Innovaphone IP_800

The VoIP gateway IP800 is the latest, most modern gateway in the Innovaphone product portfolio.

Innovaphone IP302

The IP302 is perfect as a stand-alone telephone system for companies with up to 50 subscribers.


Innovaphone IP230

One of the most powerful system telephones in the innovaphone PBX is the IP230.

Innovaphone IP110

The IP110 telephone makes effective work possible - comfort standards included.

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