IEN offers a wide range of professional services to its customers. Our highly trained and highly expertise specialists having years of experience can provide professional services from development and customization, consulting and solution design to installation and maintenance.

Solution design

Solution design service provides all the assistance needed in outlining a complete network solution to the unique customer's business requirements.
Solution Design service include investigation and documentation of all relevant business and technical requirements that may have an impact on the network solution.

 Project management 

Project Management service provides the customer with the needed expertise to co-ordinate and manage projects, regardless of size and scope of the project. The service ensures that the project goals are achieved within stipulated time, budget and specifications as defined by the customer within the assignment specification.

 Technical  colsuntancy 

Technical  colsuntancy service provides customers with the technical knowledge required when planning for a new operation or when implementing changes in an existing one. It can be applied to all Aastra solution areas as well as for general communication and networking technology needs.

 Installation and Maintenance 

Installation Services cover  installation and  acceptance testing of new systems as well as expansions of existing ones. Maintenance service is proactive to ensure system's optimum performance and also corrective through remote assistance for minor sytem disturbancies or on site in case of major system's limited operation and functionality.

Moves, Adds and Changes

Moves, Adds and Changes service is specially designed to facilitate the management of your telecom system and increase utilization of resources. IEN specialists can take care of the  day-to-day add-ons and changes that have to be implemented on your communication system as employees join or leave, or their responsibilities and workplace change.

System Integration

Integration service  ensure that  the offered communication solution and the new equipment with all included components  will be properly integrated with the customer's existing systems. The Integration service is available for Aastra equipment as well as third party equipment.

 Health Check

Health Check service is designed to optimize the customers communication solution. IEN specially trained engineers perform  detailed analysis of installed components, testing of hardware and software functions or environments, and prepare documented reports. Through results analysis  the customer can identify potential business risks, and assure end-users and customers of service availability.

Network Audit

Network Audit service is carried out by experienced engineers. It is aimed to provide the customer with a detailed report of installed hardware and software. Equipment locations and cabling records can also be provided, in order to make future projects more manageable. The network audit report that we deliver to the customer can also contain the function availability of the system that lead to Performance optimization.

Capacity Management

Capacity Management  allows the customer to be flexible. The service ensures that the customer has sufficient system capacity. Correct grade of service for end users, covering ports, networks access and bandwidth for the short term is provided.

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